3B’s Exercise Groups

Body, Brain & Belief

Falls are one of the greatest risks to our well-being as we grow older. Falls increase greatly as we grow older because of:

  • Poor Balance
  • Lack of Spatial Perception of our surroundings
  • Loss of muscle strength and coordination

As if the falls alone aren’t bad enough, they many times lead to head injuries and hip or other bone fractures. Older individuals have more difficulty fully recovering from these type of injuries which once again can lead to further medical complications. Studies have also shown that if an individual over 65 has a fall, there is a 50% chance they will have a second fall within the next 6 months. The chance for a second fall increases dramatically as one’s age increases.

The 3B’s program of exercises is designed for older individuals but it can benefit people of all ages. The program is designed to strengthen the Body, Brain and Belief of participants. The Body portion helps to reduce falls by improving balance, muscle strength and coordination. Challenging one’s Brain helps to keep a person mentally alert and to increase memory. The last “B” stands for Belief. By developing the spiritual dimension of life, it helps a person become closer to God.

Many participants like not only the activities of the 3B’s program, but also the interaction and relationships which are part of it. 3B’s sessions meet at 10:00 AM on Wednesdays in our Community Room.  We have series of sessions in the fall and in the spring.

Come join us for exercise, fun and friendship.   There is NO COST to join or attend the sessions.

The Fall 2018 series is in progress as of September 5. You are welcome to join us at 10:00 AM any Wednesday until the series ends.