Bible Study.

First Presbyterian Church hosts a Bible Study series for several weeks in the fall and spring of each year.  Led by the pastor, the class takes place in our Community Room at 11:00 AM on Wednesdays following the 3B’s exercise class.  (People are welcome to attend either or both.)  Our approach to Bible study is to focus on a given passage, exploring several verses at a time.  While we give attention to the historical context (what was happening, say, in the story about Jesus or in the church Paul was writing to), class members are encouraged also to think about what God may want to teach us—as a church and as individuals—through the passage. Our Fall 2018 series begins September 12, and will continue until late November. You are welcome to join us any Wednesday at 11:00 AM.

We may be able to set up an additional class at another time if interest is expressed.

Summer Adult Education.

Together with the Calumet Episcopal Ministry Partnership, we have offered summer classes introducing Islam (2016), Judaism (2017), and Eastern Christianity (2018). Our purpose has been to foster greater awareness of what we have in common among our different expressions of faith, as well as what makes each distinctive. We’ll hope to continue this “tradition” next summer.